Multiple Subtasks for Jira


Privacy Statement

The protection of your privacy while using Multiple Subtasks as well as the security of all business data collected, processed and used by Multiple Subtasks is an important concern to us.

In this document we provide details on how we secure your data. If you find something missing, or you have any security related questions please feel free to contact us at

Collection, processing and usage of personal data

We only store the minimal amount of data required to provide our service. We do not store issue details, task descriptions, comments nor other sensitive information. We never store users full names nor e-mails, but we use user keys provided by Jira which can contain them.

The following data is collected and persisted into the Jira database to allow users to use Multiple Subtasks:

All data and information is solely used for the execution of Multiple Subtasks sessions.

Multiple Subtasks uses and creates no cookies by itself. As Multiple Subtasks runs as a plugin inside Jira there may be cookies created by Jira but Multiple Subtasks does not read those cookies.

Web analytics

Multiple Subtasks does not use any Web analytics platform to track the usage of the Multiple Subtasks plugin. As Multiple Subtasks runs as a plugin inside Jira there might be such tools gathering usage data on application level.

Multiple Subtasks does not provide any external links apart from links to the website of Multiple Subtasks itself on the configuration and plugin administration page.