Multiple Subtasks for Jira



This page describes how to configure Multiple Subtasks for Jira to work in your Jira application.

General information

Multiple Subtasks for Jira can be configured globally.

Global configuration

Multiple Subtasks for Jira has some global configuration parameters that can be configured from the administration section of your Jira application. This configuration is only available to users with the global roles Jira Administrators or Jira System Administrators assigned.

To locate the global configuration navigate to the Administration menu, then select the entry labelled Manage apps. You will now find a section called Multiple Subtasks in the left sidebar as shown in the screenshot below.

On the page Configuration you have global configuration options to make Multiple Subtasks for Jira fit to your needs:

Configure Multiple Subtasks

Configuration options

This chapter describes the configuration options that are available to customize behavior and appearance of Multiple Subtasks for Jira.

Templates per user

You can configure the allowed maximum number of templates per user here.

Default value: 10 templates per user

Templates per project

You can configure the allowed maximum number of templates per project here.

Default value: 10 templates per project

Sorting order of templates

You can configure the sorting order of templates in the subtasks creation dialog.

The options are:

Default value: Name (ascending)

Missing configuration options?

If you have any request for configuration options please let us know about it.